Thank you! 2013

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective would like to thank everyone who supports the Bookfair: cabaret performers, artists, translators, all of our volunteers, including everyone who posters and helps publicize the event, CÉDA, the Georges-Vanier Cultural Center and the neighbourhood, CKUT 90.3FM, QPIRG Concordia, the Midnight Kitchen, le Collectif Ras-le-Bol, the Montreal Childcare Collective and Sound Team.

A big thank you to Sara S,  Maxence, Zach, Jeanne, Helen, Philippe, Jenny, Graham, Annabelle, Marie-Christine, Cera, Andrea, Otto, Noah, Kayle, Christian S, Maya, Chang, Marianne, Marie-Anne, Lucien, Noémie, Mélissa, Maria, Thaninna, Anne H, Alex T, Joss, Vanesa, Charli, Taylor, Cee, Sara, Dave Z, Heidi, Akki, Bee, Jacqueline, Caroline, Elizabeth, Dylan, Dominique, Fanny, Jean-Christophe, Claire A, Sunny, Anais, Danielle, Sophie S, Guillaume B, Matt, Thien, Joel, Karine, Aaron L, Maxime, Floriane, Daria, JP, Pierre-Luc, Farrah, Maria F, Justine, Amber, Gabriella and everyone else who helped us out (we have forgotten some names!).

The Bookfair is organized by a collective made of volunteers. We are always looking for new members. Contact us in order to contribute to the organization for the 2014 Bookfair (

For 2013, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective was comprised of Adrienne, Alastriona, Audrey, Dan, Dave, Fred, Jaggi, Thomas and Valérie.