Anti-Capitalist Resistance Room 2010

[NOTE: The information below pertains to the 2010 Anarchist Bookfair.]

SUNDAY, MAY 30, 11am-5pm
Room 302 of the CEDA (2515 rue Delisle, métro Lionel-Groulx)

In the context of the upcoming mobilizations against the G8 meetings in Huntsville, Ontario and the G20 meetings in Toronto in late June, this room will be a place to attend workshops for analysis and discussion about anti-capitalist resistance, from an anarchist perspective. It will be a space to network and get information about upcoming mobilizations in both Montreal and Toronto.

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Room is organized by members of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC2010) in Montreal, with presentations by the Toronto Community Mobilization Network, Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance (SOAR), la Coalition féministe radicale contre le G20, & le Regroupememt Anti-G20 Étudiant (RAGE).

The walls of the Anti-Capitalist Resistance Room will be decorated by posters and flyers celebratings previous anti-capitalist mobilizations in the past decade, courtesy of the DIRA Anarchist Library archives.

11am-12:45pm: Toronto Community Mobilization/Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance

A presentation and discussion about anti-capitalist mobilizations against the G-20 in Toronto, with members of the Toronto Community Mobilization Network as well as Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance (SOAR). Presentation in English with whisper translation into French.

1pm-1:45pm: Patriarcat, féminisme et G20

G20, power and the economic crisis… but what crisis really? In the media we’ve been hearing a lot about women’s and maternal health. But what does it really mean? What are the real impacts on the lives of women? Do they really care about the well-being and health of women? Or is it, yet again, another means of maintaining the privileges of white, Western, heterosexual men? And why not a crisis of patriarchy? This workshop is open to everyone. However the last part of the workshop will be reserved for people who identify as women. A presentation by members of the Coalition féministe radicale contre le G20.

2pm-2:45pm: Student Resistance to the G20

A presentation by members of le Regroupememt Anti-G20 Étudiant (RAGE), focusing specifically on student and youth responses to capitalist globalization and the G20

3pm-3:45pm: The Economic and Ecological Crisis of Capitalism

A workshop presentation by the popular education committee of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC2010), focusing on an analysis of the G8 and G20 in the context of the so-called crisis of capitalism.

4pm-4:45pm Networking Space

An open space for Bookfair participants to meet and network about regional efforts against the G8 and G20 this coming June in Huntsville and Toronto.