Film Room 2010

Throughout the day on Saturday, May 29, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will host a Film Room, showing films related to anarchism or anarchist-supported struggles. The Film Room will be in room 202 of the CEDA (2515 rue Delisle, métro Lionel-Groulx).

SCHEDULE OF FILMS — MAY 29, 11am-5pm


Deux roues sur terre

(Guillaume Girard, 2009, 66 min., FR, Uruguay / Canada)

A young Québécois lands in Uruguay where he begins a long bicycle trip. Following the tracks of Che Guevara and other Latin-American heroes, on his path he meets different groups of people who are still pursuing the struggle for the land.


Short experimental films (total duration 45 min.)

Slug love (J. Mary Burnet, 2009, 3min.30, EN, Canada)

Contre-culture à vendre (Pierre-Luc Junet, 2009, 7 min., FR, Québec)

Tortilleria (Chloé Germain-Thérrien, 2010, 3min.30, no dialogue, Québec)

Motions of Struggle (Anita Schoepp, 2010, 4 min., no dialogue, Québec)

I didn’t know what to say to him (Jessica MacCormack and Stephen Brown, 2008 7 min., EN, Québec)

Psychic Capital (Jessica MacCormack and Rae Spoon, 2009, 16 min., EN, Québec)

Two short films on the theme: ”If CSIS comes knocking” (People’s Commission Network, 6 min., EN, 2010, Québec)


Interviews from Defenders of the Land 2008: A network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across Canada

(No One Is Illegal-Montreal, 45. min excerpt, 2008, Winnipeg)

Between November 12-14, 2008, the historic Defenders of the Land gathering took place in Winnipeg. The gathering brought together dozens of grassroots activists, elders, youth, women and men from Indigenous communities across “Canada” who are in active struggle to defend their land and assert self-determination.


Regards de société : Afrique, Palestine, Montréal

(Santiago Bertolino and Steve Patry, 2009-2010, 65 minutes, FR, Québec)

Short films directed and produced by Funambules Médias

The march for the liberation of Gaza or the Egyptian whirlwind

Resistance in Bil’in (Palestine)

Djogol kultur: “cultural skulduggery”

5 short films inspired by État d’urgence 2009


Les Anarchistes

(2009, 25 min., FR, France/Québec)

In contrast to the punk revolution of the 1970s characterized by the Sex Pistols’ slogan ‘No Future’, anarchists of today are far from apathetic. They are practical, and want to prove at all costs that anarchism can work. They still protest, but their interest also lies in applying anti-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian ideas daily, in their work, and in their groups. In their own way, Miriam and Rachel, Nicolas and Frédéric integrate this revolt into their everyday lives.


Whatever happened to Who’s Emma

(Lyndall Musselman, 2009, 27 min., EN, Canada)

Who’s Emma was a social experiment, an autonomous zone, a radical bookstore, and a punk record shop. Located in Toronto’s Kensington Market and named after Emma Goldman, the notorious anarcho-feminist who once resided in the neighbourhood, this volunteer-run retail operation brought punk youth and anarchist activists together to work collectively. The problematic yet transformative social dynamic of the collective is investigated as volunteers remember the rise and fall of Who’s Emma. With footage of bands that played at the venue and shots from Active Resistance 1998, this short film captures a pivotal political place in the Toronto punk scene.