Kidz Zone and Anarchist Parents Room 2010

[Read more below about the Anarchist Parents Room on SUNDAY, May 30 …]


Feel like wandering around the bookfair without your kid(s)? Are they itching for some games, fun activities and snacks?? Alternatively, do you guys need a quiet space to chill out? Bring your kid(s) to the Kid Zone for tons of radical childcare fun! There will be outdoor games, a craft/quiet room and fun activities for any interested kids. Parents welcome!

Kid Zone is open 10 am until 5 pm on Saturday (May 29) and Sunday (May 30). The entrance to the Kid Zone is at the far end of the big room at CEDA, on the right side of the stage (Café Mozaik). Make sure to sign in your kid(s) before you drop them off!

Anarchist Parents Discussion Room
SUNDAY, May 30, 2010, 11am-5pm
Room 202 of the CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle (métro Lionel Groulx)

The Anarchist Parents Discussion Room is a space for like-minded parents to find each other, network, and share their experiences. We encourage all parents who seek radical alternatives from state-imposed ideas of birthing, schooling and parenting to join us in the Anarchist Parents Discussion Room. Welcome to all!

All discussions will be bilingual (English-French) with presentations in both languages, and whisper translation. Your kids can join us, or be part of the Kids Zone during the Bookfair.

The Anarchist Parents Discussion Room is in room 202 of the CEDA (2515 Deslise, métro Lionel Groulx)

11am-11:45am: ALTERNATIVE BIRTHING (Room 202, Sunday, May 30)

A presentation about alternatives to hospital birthing with information about home-birthing and unassisted birthing. This discussion will include women sharing their birthing experiences. After the presentations, there will be open discussion. Presenters include Martine Quimper, Melissa Bellemare, Francine Rhéault and others.

12pm-2:45pm: RADICAL LEARNING AND EDUCATION (Room 202, Sunday, May 30)

An introduction to alternative forms of education, beyond compulsory state education. We will explore ways to support kids in leading their own learning and education. Find out about education alternatives in Montreal and beyond.

The first part of this discussion will look at radical education alternatives in the Montreal-area presented by members of the Rad School, Cap Libre and a presentation on “Unschooling: Learning through Living”.

The second part of this discussion will look at other worldviews of radical alternative education. Presenters will include Jerry Mintz from AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization in New York).

Our presenters will be speaking about their experiences creating radical spaces for education of children. Various examples of “free schools” and “autonomous schools” will be presented, as well as examples of home-schooling. Our presenters collectively have many years of experience with seeing children grow and thrive in spaces that encourage and value true freedom and independence.


Parents who practice alternative forms of parenting and support alternative education models are often targeted by the state as “bad parents.” More generally, dissident anarchist parents can come under scrutiny by the state for their ideas, especially as it relates to children. This workshop will provide a safe-space for parents to share their experiences, and provide support to parents about their rights and how to navigate the system, especially as it relates to the Directeur de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) in Québec.