Autonomous Media & Technology Room 2011

10am-5pm —  Saturday, May 21st
CEDA — 2515 Delisle Street (métro Lionel-Groulx), Room #125
Wheelchair accessible

This room will include hands-on workshops that are bilingual and all-ages. The AUTONOMOUS MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY ROOM is dedicated to sharing the skills and knowledge of different mediums as deployed by anarchists – such as pirate radio, screen printing, secure communication, and more. (Workshops presented in only one language will have whisper translation towards English and French.)

A co-presentation of: CKUT Radio, Anarchist Tech Support, Montreal Sound Team


Bloc 1 (10am-11:30am)

* “An introduction to the theory of tech security” with Koumbit (FR)
An introduction to basic concepts in computer security, demonstrating key issues and threats. The goal is to be able to make informed choices in computer security and to keep abreast of key threats and best practices. The target audience is people with minimal computer experience.

* “How to build a sound system” with the Montreal Sound Team (EN, FR)
Besides the fact that setting up live sound is an amazing, fun and powerful skill to have, it’s also important that more people in the activist community have this knowledge. For years, a small handful of people have been setting up sound for demos, rallies and fundraisers. But what happens when those people leave town or burn out? Let’s spread the knowledge! Join Soundteam for a workshop on rad sound reinforcement.

Bloc 2 (11:45am-1:15pm)

* Live Radio: Workshop by CKUT 90.3fm (EN/FR)
This workshop will take place in the hall on the first floor. Part one will include training in live radio setup and production followed by the live radio show running from 2-4pm.

* “Basic Tech Security: The why and how of secure communication, anonymization and data storage” by Anarchist Tech Support, includes installing software on people’s computers (EN)
In the digital age, intelligence gathering is generalized and automatic. Whether or not you are a person of interest to those in positions of power, your emails, instant messenger conversations, search terms, and browsing history are being permanently recorded by the likes of Google, Facebook, Bell, and others. Information held by profit-driven corporations can be accessed by agents of the state at almost any time, either through legal action or (more often) simply by asking. In the context of struggle, it is imperative that we control our information because it can quickly be used against us. At the same time, we must not give up one of our best weapons: the ability to communicate quickly and effectively through electronic means. This workshop aims to help secure communications without giving up efficacy, make our communities and our lives more impervious to data mining and surveillance, and make our struggles more effective.

* FM Transmitter Building Workshop – with Radios Populares (EN, FR, SP)
Pull back the veil on radio transmission and mass communication by building your own FM radio transmitter. We will pull out our soldering irons and assemble all the parts necessary to start up a live broadcast.

Bloc 3 (1:30pm-3:00pm)

* Screenprinting for the Revolution – presented by Sidetracks and The Ste-Emilie Skillshare (EN/FR)
Come to this screenprinting crash course and learn how you can use screenprinting as a tool for revolution.  We’ll learn about screens, emulsion, image preparation, paper and fabric printing, basic image registration and all the rad projects you and your affinity group can do.

Bloc 4 (3:15pm-5:00pm)

* “Radio and Resistance: Latin American Solidarity Model” featuring Radio Populares (based in Chicago, US) (EN)
Throughout Latin America, Radios Populares works in solidarity with communities struggling for social justice to amplify voices and affect social change. We will discuss the importance of having communities determine development according to their needs and priorities, as well as using grassroots media outside mainstream outlets to inform and empower communities.