May 1: Baby Bloc

May 1: Baby Bloc
Baby Bloc Contingent of the May 1 Anticapitalist Demonstration
Sunday, May 1
Place Émilie-Gamelin (Square Berri)
Metro Berri-UQÀM
A contingent based on affinities related to the presence of children, that takes into account
their security and their specific needs.We want to support each other and be ready to deal with
potentially repressive situations. We want to create a space in which children feel comfortable,
so that they can enjoy the demo and have a say on the injustices that surround them.
CONCRETELY, the baby bloc is an autonomous contingent that can leave the main demo if the
situation requires it. It is also banners, slogans, music and fun. And we won’t forget about “pipi-
hungry-hug-I’m tired”!