May 3: Anti-Speciesism

May 3: Anti-Speciesism
Anti-specieism: From the theory of animal rights to the practice of veganism and animal rescue
(Animal Liberation Front)
Tuesday, May 3
Le Rhizome, 1800 Létourneux coin Lafontaine dans Hochelaga (Montréal), Métro Pie
This space is wheelchair accessible (please contact the organizers for more info)
Discussion of the moral, technical, political and biological arguments of anti-speciesist activism.
Introduction to the Animal Liberation Front and to the internet site and magazine Bite Back that
details their actions. Vegan buffet and recipe sharing. Screening of the documentary Earthlings
(2005) by Shaun Monson. Creating letters, poems, and drawings to send to animal rescuers
currently in prison. (514)255-4590