May 7: Book launch of “Feminism for REAL”

Book Launch of “Feminism for REAL”: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex
of Feminism,” featuring Jessica Yee (editor), Robyn Maynard, and other contributors.
Saturday, May 7
Casa del Popolo – 4873, boul Saint-Laurent
This space is wheelchair accessible (contact organizers for more details)
English (whisper translation into French available)
QPIRG Concordia presents the Montreal book launch of “Feminism for REAL:
Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism” edited by Jessica Yee. Come
hear from Jessica Yee, Robyn Maynard, and other contributors to this exciting
and important new anthology.
Info about the book:

When feminism itself becomes its own form of oppression, what do we have to say
about it? Western notions of polite discourse are not the norm for all of us, and
just because we’ve got some new and hot language lately in equity-seeking movements
like feminism — such as “intersectionality” — to use in our talk, it doesn’t
necessarily make things change in our walk (i.e. actually being anti-racist).

Confronting the sometimes uncomfortable questions feminism has made us ask about
what’s going on FOR REAL paved the many paths that brought the contributors of this
book together to share their sometimes uncomfortable truths, not just about
feminism, but about who they are and where they are coming from.” / 514 848 7585 /