May 7: Radical Queers and Feminists: a dialogue

Radical Queers and Feminists: a dialogue
Saturday, May 7
1:30PM-5:30 PM, followed by a free dinner
Carrefour d’éducation populaire de Pointe-St-Charles, 2356 Centre (métro Charlevoix)
Main workshop room is wheelchair accessible
Free childcare (please confirm at least 48 hours in advance)
Bilingual (whisper translation into French and English)

The Research Collective on Collective Autonomy (CRAC) invites anti-authoritarians who identify
as feminists and/or queers to take part in a discussion on our organizing practices and
analyses. Radical queers and feminists organize on a diverse range of issues above
and beyond their common fight against patriarchy including but not limited
to heteronormativity, transphobia, racism, colonialism, and ableism. Over more than four
years, the CRAC has worked on documenting contemporary struggles against different
systems of oppression, in particular patriarchy and heteronormativity. Based on our research
findings collected from interviews and focus groups with at least a hundred Quebec activists,

we propose the following two themes of discussion: “Intersectionality” and anti-oppression
practices: what are our anti-oppression analyses and how do they get implemented in our work?
• Understanding of “nous-femmes” and organizing in “women’s-only” spaces:
Along what affinities do we choose to organize, what are our alliances, and what impact do
these choices have on our organizing practices?