Anarchist Families Room 2012

Sunday, May 20, 11am-5pm
CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle (métro Lionel-Groulx)
Room 125 (wheelchair accessible

At the Montreal Rad School, children are free to pursue their own interests, to explore at their own rhythm and to participate in a democratic community. Children are considered capable to direct themselves and to learn on their own, they are encouraged to discover their personal desire to learn; they are encouraged to explore, question, discover and grow! The adults involved act as mentors, guides and personal resources to facilitate the children’s projects.

The Anarchist Families Theme Room, an initiative of the Montreal Rad School, consists of workshops by and for children, teens, and parents.

11am-1pm: Voluntary simplicity and children, part 1, for kids (FR)

Recycled pipes or tubing, honeycombs, mayonnaise, ketchup, spices, mustard, paper, rope… if you’ve fingers, an imagination, and resourcefulness, that’s all you need to have fun! Come make a didgeridoo, zine, or artwork made from paints found in the kitchen!

P.S. Bring an image/photo of your favourite animal.

This workshop will be animated by Loïc, Olivier, and Camille (members of the Montreal Rad School)

1pm-3pm: Voluntary simplicity and children, part 2, for parents (BIL)

Philosophies, insights, and practical suggestions for parents wishing to arm themselves against capitalism’s inherent ideology of consumption. Down with consumerism on the back of our children! Come exchange ideas in this open discussion space.

Topics will include:

– natural infant hygiene: Practiced in many cultures around the world. The myth of the necessity of diapers dismantled!

– proximity parenting: Sharing a bed, breastfeeding, traditional carrying methods.

This workshop will be animated by Caroline Quinn, Martine Quimper, and Mathieu Côté-Desjardins (members of the Montreal Rad School)

3pm-5pm: Introduction to Liberatory Pedagogy (FR)

Anarchists have long understood the importance of education in maintaining the capitalist system. In this workshop we’ll explore diverse libertarian pedagogical responses through thinkers like Godwin, Stirner, Robin, Faure, Ferrer, and Proudhon.

This workshop will be animated by Marike Reid-Gaudet and Olivier Chabot (members of the Montreal Rad School)