Tablers 2020

AK Press is a worker-run anarchist publisher and distributor based in California. We carry a wide selection of anarchist and radical books, e-books, pamphlets, and gear. All e-books are on sale for $1.99 during the COVID-19 crisis. For the whole week of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (May 17-23), use coupon code “MONTREAL” and get 25% off any order of full-price items.

Archives Révolutionnaires is a collective project active since 2017. It has for its goal bringing to light texts from lesser-known struggle and historical episodes in order to feed today’s struggles and to widen activists’ perspectives. The collective has started an archive centre and produces reflective articles that it diffuses by means of its website. The work of Archives Révolutionnaires offers historical and theoretical tools to activists in order to densen our collective imagination and make us stronger in ongoing struggles.

astropuke is a fat brat, trauma witch, and space babe whose •tenderly existential, bitterly soft, chaotically prismatic• trashy-treasure-trove of pin-back buttons, enamel pins, embroidered and screen-printed patches, tote bags, stickers, prints and postcards, zines, and buntings are inspired by radical (nonhierarchal) love, community care, antiassimilationist queerness, reclaiming vulnerability and madness, survival out of sheer spite, and existential snark.

Beehive Design Collective is a wildly motivated, all-volunteer, activist arts collective dedicated to “cross-pollinating the grassroots” by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images for use as educational and organizing tools. Our newest project is a rhyming kids’ book based on our “True Cost of Coal” graphic which we intended to launch at the 2020 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. We made a printable PDF version available for free for all our friends and comrades, but we graciously accept donations and would love to send you a shiny and beautifully published physical copy in the mail as part of this year’s bookfair.

Between the Lines publishes non-fiction books that support social change and justice. Founded in 1977, our goal is not private gain, nor are we owned by a faceless conglomerate. We reflect our mission in the way our organization is structured: BTL has no bosses, no owners. We are collectively run by our employees and a small band of volunteers who share a tenacious belief in books, authors, and ideas that break new ground. We specialize in informative and critical analysis of politics and public policy, social issues, history, international development, gender and sexuality, critical race issues, culture, adult and popular education, labour and work, the environment, technology, media, and more. For the week of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (May 17-23) use promo code “MONTREAL” to get 15% off all orders.

Change the Game Distro has aspirations of becoming a legit distro for anarchist and left-wing board games one day. Currently we operate as the Canadian distributor of Bloc by Bloc: The Insurrection Game. For more info, click this link, or the video here. Our comrades at Out of Order Games who produced this legendary game have completely sold out of their copies, but we still have some copies of both the OG 1st edition as well as the newer 2nd edition in stock, and we’d be happy to ship you a copy anywhere in the world that is still operating a postal service, including Montreal of course. 😉 Shoot us an email at and we can work it out! 

Changing Suns Press is a volunteer-run, collective anti-authoritarian publishing project. We publish both original manuscripts and (soon) translations. We are dedicated to the production and dissemination of provocative and engaging print, digital and (soon) audio material.

Cinema Politica is a Montreal-based media arts, nonprofit network of community and campus locals that screen independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists. Cinema Politica is committed to supporting alternative, independent, and radical political film and video. We program works that feature underrepresented characters and tell stories that confront and challenge conventional fiction and documentary narratives. From Sunday, May 17, to Tuesday, May 19, watch KETTLE, ANARCHRONICLES, and THE BLOCKADE for free on Cinema Politica On Demand, with the promo code STREAMANARCHY: click on “rent film” and enter the promo code to gain free access!

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) is an autonomous group that is made up of victims, witnesses, and/or those concerned by police brutality and all abuse perpetrated by the police. The collective was formed in 1995 from a defense committee for people arrested after a demonstration against Human Life International, a Far Right group. In light of the increasingly intense repression, social cleansing, and impunity rampant in Montreal, the COBP decided to organize on a permanent basis to continue its battle against police brutality.

Common Notions is a publishing house and programming platform that advances new formulations of liberation and living autonomy. Our books provide timely reflections, clear critiques, and inspiring strategies that amplify movements for social justice. We were excited to bring our newest book, Hope Against Hope: Writings on Ecological Crisis by the Out of the Woods collective, straight from the printer to the bookfair, and sad that we can’t do that or see and talk with you. We hope that a special 25% discount on the book (and free shipping for orders over $30, discount code: MONTREAL) or a free copy of the trilingual Wages for Students (discount code: WAGES) can help make up for it. Please check out all our books and our new blog online.

For over twenty-five years, Écosociété has been publishing radical nonfiction designed to help understand, criticize, and transform society, at a rate of about twenty books each year. Favorite themes of Écosociété include ecology, participatory democracy, North-South relations, economy, and postcapitalism. The house has thus contributed to disseminate the ideas of Serge Mongeau (on degrowth and pacifism), Laure Waridel (responsible eating and ecological transition), Alain Deneault (global mining industry and tax havens), Jean-Claude St-Onge (pharmaceutical industry), and Jean-Martin Fortier (agriculture). Écosociété also translates foreign-language works it considers essential reading, including some by Murray Bookchin, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Jan Gehl, and Rob Hopkins. Écosociété sells books in Canada and French-speaking Europe.

Éditions du Grand Héron is an organization who’s mission is to study the phenomena of abuse of power and institutional corruption that affect Quebecers and Indigenous people in Canada, as they are subjected to an institutional framework that is both incorrigible and inherently prejudicial to the imperative rules of universal law.

Éditions de la rue Dorion fits into Québec’s editorial panorama as a proposition conjugating literature, history, radical critique, and revolutionary initiatives of all types. The catalogue of this small publisher is developing at a moderate rhythm of two or three publications each year. Emphasis is placed on works of the highest quality, with a penchant for translation and research on lesser-known gems.

Eviction? Dog’s Blood!! Nick Zynchuk and Montreal’s Red Plateau, 1933A 50-minute long show, it’s based on a true story about a poor Polish Ukrainian worker resisting an eviction that made Montreal headlines in 1933. His funeral attracted 30,000 people—the largest Montreal had ever seen. He refers to anarchist activity in the neighbourhood. This show was booked into the MIATF/FITAM for May 2020. The festival has now been postponed.
— /

Kersplebedeb has been an important source of radical literature and agitprop materials, both in Montreal and internationally, since 1998. The project has a nonexclusive focus on antipatriarchal and anti-imperialist politics, framed within an anticapitalist perspective. A special priority is given to writings regarding national liberation, anticolonialism, and armed struggle in the metropole; the continuing struggles of political prisoners and prisoners of war; and global political economy and crisis. We publish books in line with these themes, and also distribute titles from numerous other left publishers (AK Press, PM Press, Haymarket, Arsenal Pulp, etc.), drawing on both the anarchist and communist traditions. We currently have a wide range of books on sale (both ours, and those put out by other folks), and are offering free delivery anywhere in Montreal.

Little Bell is a purveyor of ethically sourced taxidermy and oddities. Eccentrically merging antiques and curiosities, they have been providing Canada with a taste of the bizzare for over three years. The owners, Stephanie Nagy and Jeremy Gill are both foragers, scavengers, and dumpster divers. They create art and beauty out of what others consider trash. Their business Little Bell is borne out of these principles. Stephanie and Jeremy have written three zines that focus on themes of mental health, navigating Canaidan health care, sustainability, and composting and recycling in the face of consumerism. Contact them through @littlebellstore to discuss local in-person purchasing and pick-up options or bicycle delivery.
— @littlebellstore /

Lux Éditeur is an independent publishing house specializing, among other things, in the domains of political reflection, liberatory inspiration (Normand Baillargeon, Noam Chomsky, Francis Dupuis-Déri), and the history of the Americas (Frederick Douglass, Louis-Joseph Papineau, Howard Zinn). Lux Éditeur has been around since 1995 and now counts more than 250 titles in its catalogue. Its publishing program obeys one master word: freedom. With these pieces, Lux Éditeur pursues a mission that is more necessary than ever: to cultivate the independence of the mind and inspire revolts that, as people once said of the air of cities, make free…

Marc James Léger is a Montreal-based independent scholar and cultural theorist. He is author of Don’t Network: The Avant Garde after Networks (Minor Compositions, 2018) and Vanguardia: Socially Engaged Art and Theory (Manchester UP, 2019). In 2020, he published the second volume of The Idea of the Avant Garde – And What It Means Today (Intellect, 2020). The two volumes, which were inspired by the the Re/Search publications and the journal Left Curve, bring together the thoughts of 100 international artists and intellectuals, as well as artworks by some 200 artists. Forthcoming are Too Black to Fail: The Obama Portraits and the Politics of Post-Representation as well as an edited book, Identity Trumps Socialism.

Metonymy Press is based in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal), unceded Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) territory. We publish literary fiction and nonfiction by emerging writers. We try to reduce barriers to publishing for authors whose perspectives are underrepresented in order to produce quality materials relevant to queer, feminist, and social justice communities. We really want to keep gay book lovers satisfied. Recent releases include nîtisânak by Linsday Nixon, Little Blue Encyclopedia (for Vivian) by Hazel Jane Plante, and Dear Twin by Addie Tsai.

The Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival. It’s indisputable. We in Montreal have the largest—and only—international anarchist theatre festival in the world. And like the local journal VOIR says, astonishingly, without any government or corporate support, we remain “The little, non-pretentious theatre festival that pulls off miracles.” In the past, we brought New York’s legendary The Living Theatre to town—a first—as well as Vermont’s acclaimed Bread and Puppet Theatre, and diverse equally talented troupes from France, Belgium, Germany, Chile, the Philippines, and from across Canada and the United States. Anarchist theatre worldwide, like the anarchist scene in Montreal, has never been more vibrant, the level of public curiosity about the ideas higher than ever before. This means we receive dozens of applications each year from theatre troupes spanning the globe. Our little festival has broadened its scope of performance, and now includes puppetry, cabaret, dance, some live music, solo shows, and as always, large collective productions from both professional and amateur troupes, both local and from abroad.

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a grassroots network whose mission is to provide disaster relief based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action. By working with, listening to, and supporting impacted communities, especially their most vulnerable members, to lead their own recovery, we strive to build long-term, sustainable, and resilient communities. Mutual Aid Disaster Relief responds to disasters, educates about community organizing as disaster preparedness and collaborative neighborhood crisis response, collects and disseminates lessons learned in the field, and supports and provides a connective tissue between other grassroots groups doing response work. For free zines and resources, click here.

N.O. Bonzo is an anarchist illustrator and printmaker from Portland, Oregon. Their work focuses heavily on antifascist and police/prison abolition themes. Free hi-resolution downloadable images for you to use, tattoo, or print up for your home <3 Feel free to donate to PayPal address streetleaves [at] protonmail [dot] com or to the bookfair! 
— for graphics, 

Norman Nawrocki is an internationally acclaimed, Montréal, Québec, Canada-based author, playwright, violinist, actor, cabaret artist, producer, and educator. He has written 14 books (plus translations in French and Italian), multiple theatre pieces, and released 30 albums of music (and 35 compilations) solo and with his different bands. He tours the world with his books, music, and theatre, and teaches “creative resistance“—how to use the arts for community organizing and social change. Les Pages Noires distributes his work. All books are marked 20% off for the online Montreal Anarchist Bookfair May 17, 2020, except the ones ordered direct from PM Press, LUX, and Editrice Il Sirente. All CDs and cassettes are regular price.

On Our Own Authority! is an autonomous research press based in Atlanta, Georgia. We publish works related to anarchism, anticolonialism, direct democracy, social ecology, and other related topics. Currently, our most popular book is Modibo Kadalie’s Pan-African Social Ecology, in which the author recounts his sixty years of experience in Black freedom movements, emphasizing their anarchistic and ecological dimensions.

PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded in 2007 by a small group of people with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience, PM Press amplifies the voices of radical authors, artists, and activists. Our aim is to deliver bold political ideas and vital stories to all walks of life and arm the dreamers to demand the impossible. We have sold millions of copies of our books, most often one at a time, face-to-face. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake. Join us to create a better world. Get 40% off ALL PM Press books, e-books, DVDs, and CDs at, coupon code: MONTREAL until June 1, 2020. For FREE delivery in Montreal, in addition to the 40% discount, use the MONTREAL coupon code here from May 15 til June 1st, 2020.

The QPIRG Concordia Alternative Library is a free library that aims to promote social and environmental justice. Our library carries hundreds of books, magazines, zines, and audiovisual items, mostly in English. Our resources specialize in covering subjects such as antiracism and colonialism, queer issues, economics and globalization, sexuality and gender, (un)popular history, media, art and culture, prison issues, labour, environmental issues, and more. While access to many libraries is restricted due to COVID-19 closures, we are committed to making these resources accessible. We are curating a selection of books from our catalog that can be borrowed while the physical library space is closed. We can deliver these books within Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). The list of available books will be available soon on our website and Facebook. You can also check out the library catalog site to see everything available and request resources you would like us to make available by delivery in the future by sending us an email. All deliveries and pickups will be coordinated with safety measures in mind. Our librarian can be contacted for questions at:

Quinn Thibault is a genderqueer artist based in Tio’Tia:Ke who makes colourful things, movies and zines. They like to create somewhat raw content through a soothing, aesthetically pleasing form and usually tackle subjects of mental health, addiction, spirituality, sex work and how the many systems of oppression impact their life and that of others. To buy their zines contact them on Instagram or through their website.

A place to meet and to learn, the Racines Bookstore is located in Montréal-Nord. Since 2017, Racines has been offering books of all spheres, but also a fair place to racialized authors. Racines’ intent is not to adress only an ethnocultural clientele but intends to be a representative showcase of society and aims to promote diversity in the literary landscape and in our bookstores.

Renaissance Press is a Gatineau-based publisher of diverse Canadian Voices. We seek to uplift the voices of marginalized writers and publish own-voice fiction of all genres. 

RHYMETHiNK is a radical Hip-Hop music collective, working on the stolen lands of occupied Turtle Island. Built on anarchist organizing tradition and the principles of collectivism & mutual aid, the RHYMETHiNK mission is to create and disseminate expressly revolutionary Hip-Hop. 
— our Hip-Hop Vs. Capitalism digital mixtape:
— the new album from Test Their Logik:

Snake Hair Press is invested in dismantling the white supremacist cis het patriarchy, currently based on occupied Massachusett and Wampanoag land. We are PRO SLUT + ANTICOP, and dedicated to recognizing how those in power have used storytelling and reproducible media to control history, and how marginalized communities have used independent publishing to tell their own stories and fight back against oppressive systems. We are an independent publisher of zines and other editions committed to the inherent egalitarian nature of printmaking, and a portion of all of our proceeds are donated to social justice organizations that work to create a more equitable society.

Created at the end of the 1970s in Montreal, La Sociale/CDL aims to distribute texts, magazines, newspapers, etc., from past and present class struggle–oriented radical currents. The composition of our collective varies and can be reduced to its simplest form during the low ebb of social movements, but grows back in full force when called on. La Sociale has constantly defended an apolitical approach, to the extent that all militant or party proselytism is still banned. This is how, during each wave of social unrest, our collective met new people breaking off from the dominant ideology and the false class consciousness often embedded within localized struggles. Many comrades coming from specific periods and struggles therefore found through us historical and contemporary radical texts, which helped them compare their reality to the struggles fought on other continents. This is made possible through the contacts made by La Sociale and the critical analyses it made despite its limited financial means. Therefore, we put online, for the first time and the bookfair, a number of the brochures we published over the years, most of the time for past bookfairs. We add the posters we published at the time along with links to multiple books available for download from friendly publishing houses.

Solidarity Across Borders is a migrant justice network based in Montreal, active since 2003. We are comprised of migrants and allies, and we organize together to support individuals and families who are confronting an unjust immigration and refugee system. We engage in popular education, support work, as well as political mobilizations. With Covid-19, we are urgently in need of funds for our non-status friends and neighbors who do not have access to governmental support, and who continue to be exploited by predatory landlords and greedy bosses even during the crisis. All funds will be use for food, rent, cellphone bills, medication, etc. We then ask you to contribute to the collective effort by sending what you can. Remember that 20$ is only 1% of a CERB cheque!

sorority mansion is a radical (eco)feminist press, posed in categorical opposition to the white-supremacist anthropocentric ecocidal capitalist patriarchal complex and its every associated ideology, delusion, and depredation. sorority mansion publishes women’s work. all zines and materials hatched from the mansion hive will be available for only the cost of shipping through the month of May (and everything is always available for free as needed, money is a parasite, email and we shall deliver).

Stella, l’amie de Maimie, is an organization by and for sex workers based in Montreal. Stella has as its goal the improvement of sex workers’ quality of life, as well as to inform and educate all of society about different forms of sex work and the realities they entail in order to get sex workers the same human rights as the rest of the population. Our objectives include fighting the discrimination done to sex workers, fighting their social isolation and stigmatization, as well as promoting the total decriminalization of sex work. We offer services directly to sex workers and moreover, we support the participation of sex workers in the community and in the implementation of collective actions,  as well as in exchanges on sex work at the municipal, provincial, national, and international levels.
— publications in English: — publications in French:

Upping the Anti is a journal that thinks, writes, and theorizes with anticapitalist social movements. We publish articles, roundtables, interviews, and book reviews on leading debates on the radical Left today. Our journal is organized around three “anti’s”: anticapitalism, antioppression, and anti-imperialism. Our project goes beyond critique, however, and contributes to movements building a new world within the shell of the old. Our content is aimed at revolutionaries, organizers, and activist interested in learning about new struggles, reflecting on historical moments, and analyzing strategies and tactics across different contexts. We’ve been around for over a decade, and have published pieces on a variety of different struggles. Special Bookfair Promo: 50% off all issues and subscriptions! Buy all back issues and receive our beautiful tote bag! Promo code: ANARCHY

Viscera Print Goods is a roving anarchist bazaar and distributor of books and zines, originally based in Providence, Rhode Island, and soon-to-be transplanted to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our interests include anticivilization and green anarchism, the intersections of anarchy and queerness, and radical critiques of science and medicine. We also offer original Japanese translations, including pamphlets on Japanese anarchist Kaneko Fumiko and the East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front. Check out some of our original pamphlets below and send us an email (, if you’d like to purchase a physical copy!
For more information on our project and upcoming (virtual!) events, you can check out our website.

Zola Stickers, posters and more fun crafts for the riot-savy gal! Special clothing collection to raise funds for Hoodstock collective’s community response to the pandemic, designs in collaboration with LOKI.