photo: banner by Zola (@zola_mtl), Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2023.

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, 2024 and Beyond

For well over a quarter century, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair has become a fixture of May—the “month of anarchy”—and indeed anarchism in this city. It’s almost hard to remember a time before this enormous gathering! And as a collective, we feel the weight of the expectations that we should forge ahead with a bookfair this spring, whether it seems possible or not.

Yet so much has shifted during these years, not only around the world, but within both Montreal and the bookfair. And this year has been particularly wrenching, from the pandemic dragging on, to the housing crisis, from fascism only worsening, to the genocide in Gaza, all straining our collective capacities and breaking our hearts.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to postpone the next Montreal Anarchist Bookfair until May 2025, and instead focus on reimagining and refreshing it. We know this may disappoint. But we hope you’ll understand our (and perhaps your) need for a bit of a breather and some reflection time. 

Here’s to a bigger, better, and more beautiful month of anarchy and bookfair in 2025!

—Love+solidarity, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective, March 7, 2024


Art by @pendracocomics

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